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16×30 Mesh

Our 16×30 mesh sand is a valuable size for many of the industries and applications that we work with. One of the major applications for our sand is providing  high quality proppant filler for hydraulic fracturing operations, where 16×30 mesh is a particularly common and effective option. As one of the more versatile sand sizes, 16×30 mesh is an excellent option for a range of other industries and functions as well, including water wells as gravel packing, specialty coatings, artificial turf, and more.

Silica Sand — 16×30 Mesh

In addition to convenient shipping and bagging options, our sand offers a uniquely round and sub-round shape thanks to the geological deposit within our mine. Deposited as the result of oceanic activity and erosion, rather than land and wind based erosion, the shape of our silica brady brown sand provides more desirable qualities for filtration and other applications.

  • Frac Sand Optimal Conductivity – For use in either O&G or water wells, the compositions, shape, and other properties of our sand fit the API regulations for use in proppant applications. The mesh size and properties allow for outstanding conductivity to keep wells free flowing for maximum output. Of course, 16×30 is just one of many suitable mesh sizes for use in O&G and water wells — we offer a range of other mesh sizes including 20/40, 30/50, 40/70 and finer, depending on the specifications of your operation.
  • Consistent Composition – The geological deposit we mine offers a 99% quartz (SiO2) composition, which allows for an incredibly consistent product across all mesh sizes and quantities. Our brady brown sand, the unique shape, and the consistent material makeup ensures that we deliver high quality sand for every industry, project, and order.
16x30 Mesh

Why PFS Brady Brown sand?

Brady Brown sand is an excellent option for a variety of applications because of its desirable round and sub-round sand shape, as well as it’s affordable processing, handling, and shipping costs. Our hickory deposit running through Voca, Texas is equipped to produce quality sand for businesses and industries any time they need it.

  • Efficient Handling – Many industries operate on tight schedules and budgets, so we work around the clock to improve and maintain a rigid efficiency throughout our mining, processing, and shipping process. With a projected production speed of 300 tons per hour, we have the capacity to meet demands 24/7.

  • High Quality, Less Cost – We offer a range of custom and standard bagging options, as well as convenient shipping and purchasing choices to streamline business. By adopting more efficient logistics and handling, we can reduce costs for our partners and customers without sacrificing the quality of our product.

    Brady sand has been tested and put to use in industries all across the states, offering comparable traits to Northern white sand with more convenient availability and shipping options. If you’re looking for an economical and technical alternative, we’ve got the sand you’re looking for. If you need high quality sand for O&G, recreation, water wells, or any other project, we can help you figure out what mesh, amount, and bagging options are most suitable for your needs. Just give us a call!

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